A technology rich in advantages: the selective vibrations of Vibra b and Vibra th offer safe treatments with high therapeutic efficacy that induce a pleasant sensation of well-being.


  • BIO: natural aesthetic treatments, non-invasive and without contraindications.
  • Safe: technology is totally physiological, our body is made of vibrations.
  • Effective: the results are immediate and lasting.
  • Fast and complete: combining face and body treatments it is possible to amplify the beneficial effect and save time.
  • Relaxing: treatments with vibrations offer immediate well-being and energy. The treatment does not cause pain.
  • Synergic: thanks to the Vibra homecare products it is possible to maintain the results obtained for a long time and to enhance their effects.

for the
beauty center

  • Unique: there are no alternatives for such efficient device and great results.
  • Flexible: (face, body, bioenergetic, holistic, wellness applications). It’s a unique device which can be used throughout a year.
  • Bioactivator: stimulation is physiological, the body is made of vibrations.
  • Scientific: the selective vibrations are validated, the absen-ce of contraindications and side effects are proved.
  • Easy: No operator needed.
  • Vibra Skincare professional e homecare: a cosmetic pro-ducts line which works with vibrations in synergy amplifying the result.
  • Marketing Support for authorized centers: training, product up-dates and commercial support (advertising material, POS in di-gital format, customer cards for medical history and verifica-tion of results, technical and commercial training days for per-sonal coaching or in-depth study).

The testimonials

  • Edenia

    Edenia's Wellness Atelier

    "Vibra is something that even before I knew it existed I was already dreaming about. Now I hope I can help so many people live better because the more I study Vibra the more I believe in its ability to improve people's lives. Thank you so much for your beautiful work!"

  • Stefania Tamiato
    Manager of Sestosenso Beauty San Dona' di Piave, Pilot Center Vibra B

    "I love are spectacular, prepared, human, sensitive and a lot of other qualities. Proud to have known you and happy to have chosen in our institute your 'VIBRA B'.

    Never seen so amazing results the best existing device on the market for results visible right away. Thank you I will never stop telling it to you!"

  • Enea Salvarani

    Enea Salvarani
    Owner of Beauty's Way in Parma, Italy

    "I needed high-performance equipment that respected my holistic approach but also gave aesthetic results.

    There is no need to be afraid of the new, because the new is added value, it increases professionalism and gratification for both operators and customers. Vibra, together with professionalism can give you that little something you haven't found yet."

  • Cristina Bonetta
    Beauty Institute Chez Cri of Brescia (Italy)

    "How nice to have the opportunity to work with these techno-logies! For years, I was looking for a device with no contrain-dications, non-invasive that allowed me to get results so impor-tant. With Vibra th I finally achieved this goal, the treatments are really suitable for everyone, without limitations and with great satisfaction both for face and body treatments."
    Watch the video interview with Cristina and her beautiful client 69 years after an anti-aging treatment.

  • Patrizia Tamburlin
    Owner of the Solo Tu Beauty Institute of Taverne, Canton Ti-cino, Switzerland

    "Working with Vibra Th has enormously amplified the type of treatments offered in my beauty center and made them more performing. Since I work alone, I was able to increase my pro-fitability thanks to its non-operator needed and this allowed me to optimize both the times and the spaces of my institute”.

  • Lorena Chitu
    owner of L'Estetica delle 4 Vie of Crema (Italy) and Specialist Vibra B / TH

    “Through Vibra B and Vibra th I approached differently the daily work in my beauty center and I was able to gratify both my acti-vity and the needs of my clientele. Thanks to the great variety of treatments that are possible with this technology, both on the face and on the body, I was able to express my skills in an even more professional way ”.